Gamelan for Adults

Woman playing instrument at a live performance

Gamelan for Adults

The Gamelan instruments look and sound wonderful and playing them is a unique and special experience.

Gamelan adults performance

Gamelan for Adults

No previous skills or experience are necessary to play the gamelan, as it is a very democratic ensemble of instruments.  Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced player, your contribution will add an important element to the texture.

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What is a gamelan?

Made in Indonesia, a gamelan is an ensemble of gongs, metallophones and drums of various shapes and sizes mounted on beautifully carved and painted wooden frames.  The instruments look and sound wonderful and playing them is a unique and special experience.

The Gloucestershire gamelan belongs to Cheltenham Festivals.  It moved to Barbican House in 2016 having been previously housed in Pittville Pump Rooms in Cheltenham.  It was specially made for this location and the intricate designs are based on neo-classical design.

Why play it?

A gamelan workshop is a great introduction to music-making, whatever your level of musical ability.  The straightforward playing technique makes these instruments instantly accessible.  Everyone can learn to play because no previous knowledge or experience is required. 

Learning to play gamelan enriches many areas of music-making, and the emphasis on playing together as a group reinforces the importance of community over individual values.


Our Groups and Sessions

We offer one-off sessions for adults.  Perhaps you'd be interested in booking a session as a fun evening with a group of friends, or as a bespoke team-building event for your business, or even a birthday party treat.