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We have a popular bursary scheme which can pay for all or part of the costs of participating.

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Accessible to everyone

“I certainly could not have done this without GAM, their bursary scheme and kind support... the finances were never a problem, everything was done in a positive and productive way.”


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GAM Bursary Application Form
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MMG Bursary Form - 2023/2024

It is important to us that everyone can access our activities, regardless of their personal circumstances. 

GAM Bursary
We are fortunate to have a bursary scheme which can pay for all or part of the costs of participating. The application process is straight-forward and confidential. Have a look at our form which you can download here, or chat to one of us in confidence about how it works or email our bursary team for more information (bursary@glosacadmusic.org).  There are no specific requirements to be eligible for a GAM Bursary - each case is considered on an individual basis, whether a short or long-term financial situation.

MMG Bursary
We are also able to signpost students to the Make Music Gloucestershire bursary scheme.  For this bursary, students must be aged 5-18, resident in Gloucestershire and attend a Gloucestershire LEA school.  Awards are means tested and the gross income of the student’s family should be less than £27,000 pa.  Families where more than one child is already receiving music tuition would also be considered where gross income is less than £32,000pa.

Please note the MMG Bursary fund is now fully allocated for the 2023/2024 academic year.  GAM Bursaries are still available.