Whole class instrument lessons

GAM tutor teaching students

Whole class instrument lessons

As a partner in the music hub, we can offer schools a subsidised course of 10 whole-class sessions for £399


Music tuition for every child

GAM has a new programme for KS1 called Ready Steady Play.  We have trained a team of music specialists to deliver a 10-week course that will help children to become 'instrument-ready'.  Based on GAM's Musicland approach and coached by our founder, Caroline Lumsden, one of our qualified tutors will visit your school once a week and use singing, percussion, movement and composing to develop children's musicianship skills. The tutor can bring instruments from GAM to supplement what you have in school. This course works particularly well in Year 2, prior to pupils starting instrumental learning in Year 3.  This course costs £399.

To discuss your school's needs, please contact our Schools Administrator, Karin Lythell at karin@glosacadmusic.org

Gamelan and Tuned Percussion Course

For the last two years, we have also been delivering a very successful 10-week tuned percussion course that is inspired by the gamelan.  The first session of the course takes place at Barbican House.  Children visit the building for a 90-minute workshop led by one of our specialist tutors.  This session introduces them to the instruments of the gamelan and the place of music in Indonesian culture. 

For the following 8 weeks, the tutor visits your school to deliver 1-hour sessions in the classroom.  Using tuned percussion, the pupils explore the musical conventions of the gamelan, compose their own gamelan-inspired music and learn percussion skills.   We use the school's own tuned percussion, but can supplement this with class percussion sets which we borrow from Colwell Arts Centre. 

The tenth and final week of the course is held back at Barbican House on the gamelan instruments.  Here, the children rehearse and perform the music they have created back in school.  We encourage schools to invite parents to come along to Barbican House to listen to the performance or record the performance to share with the parents digitally.  This course costs £399.