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New to GAM

Information for those who have yet to discover Gloucestershire Academy of Music

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Introducing GAM

You may be new to music sessions or an existing participant.  You may be considering GAM for yourself or your family member.  If you are the parent of a young child, you are making an important decision that will directly benefit your child.  Music learning has been proven to help language development, improve listening skills, memory and concentration.  It also helps to enhance life-skills such as resilience, problem-solving and the ability to work in teams.  For many people, music is transformative, providing the key to mental wellbeing and social inclusion.

Music is a vital part of our cultural heritage.  Musicians create the soundtrack to our lives through live performance, recorded music and the media.  Without music education, future generations of musicians won't be there to enrich our daily lives. Taking part in music activities can ignite a lifelong passion for music.  For many of us, it is a creative outlet and provides an effective way of expressing ourselves.

Why choose us?

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Inspiring people through music for forty years.

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Including how to book free taster sessions

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The support we can provide those who have specific needs

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Information about our very popular bursary scheme

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