Alumni Scratch Orchestra

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Alumni Scratch Orchestra

Taking place on our 40th anniversary, we're inviting all of our GAM Alumni to take part in a one-day scratch orchestra.

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40 Years Young...

To celebrate our 40th birthday we are holding an orchestral repertoire day featuring Alan Lumsden’s summer course favourites, a small dose of rhythm bank, and most importantly time to catch up with old friends.

The day will be conducted by our artistic director Glyn Oxley, and we are delighted to be joined by Caroline Lumsden. Ideal for rusty instrumentalists as well as more active musicians, the day will take place at Blackfriars Priory in Gloucester, and we will have a light lunch at GAM’s home, Barbican House, which is nearby.

The day is open to all alumni of all ages and abilities. For fee of £35, players have lunch and refreshments included. If you would like to attend without playing, you can do so for a fee of £15, which will include lunch, and all-day coffee and tea.

Places are limited, so sign up below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this happening? 

GAM is celebrating its 40th year and wants to reconnect with its past students from BMG, GAMPA and GAM. 

Where is it taking place? 

The day is being held at Blackfriars Priory which is round the corner from GAM HQ, Barbican House in central Gloucester. 

When is it happening? 

Sunday 27th February 2022 from 10am-5pm.

What will happen on the day? 

Doors open from 9am for coffee and pastries.  The first session starts at 10am.  There will be a coffee break and then another session before lunch.  We will provide a light, buffet-style lunch around the corner in Barbican House with plenty of time for catching up with old friends.  In the afternoon there will be a further session followed by a play-through at 4.15.  Friends and family are warmly invited to attend this informal ‘performance’. 

What standard of playing is expected? 

We welcome players of all standards.  Whether you are earning your living as a musician or haven’t picked up your instrument for ages, you will be most welcome.  We will do our best to ensure that there is a wide range of parts available for you to try. 

What music will we be playing? 

A variety of repertoire from Alan Lumsden’s music courses.  Rhythm Bank will definitely be included! 

Who is leading the sessions? 

Glyn Oxley, our artistic director.  Caroline Lumsden will also be there. 

Will there be a concert? 

There will be an informal performance at 4.15pm.  You are welcome to invite family and friends to be part of the audience.  There won’t be any charge for tickets. 

How do I know who is coming? 

Make contact with old friends through the Facebook event that we have specially set up for this event: 

40 years young, GAM/GAMPA/BMG Alumni Scratch Orchestra Day (

What do I need to bring? 

An instrument, a named music stand (we have plenty spare for those who don’t own one) and warm layers in case we still need to have COVID ventilation in February.  Please search out any old photos you have of Beauchamp/GAMPA/BMG/GAM days and bring them along.  We will have a place to display them.   Better still, upload them (with your memories) to our event page. 

Will there be time to catch up with old friends? 

We have built this into the day.  Arrive early (between 9 and 10) to mingle before the event starts.  Coffee and pastries will be available.  There will be coffee, lunch and tea breaks.  You may want to continue socialising after the event in one of the many bars and restaurants in the nearby docks area, Gloucester Quays. 

I don’t play an instrument now, can I still attend? 

You are welcome to come along and join in the refreshment breaks and lunch, watch the sessions and concert and use Barbican House as a break-out space to catch up with other non-playing friends.  There is a charge of £15 for non-playing attendees to cover the lunch and refreshments. 

This sounds great.  How do I sign up? 

Fill in the registration form above.  We advise you to do this as soon as possible, as we have to limit the numbers to 75. 

What will the day cost? 

We are charging £35 per head to cover refreshments, lunch and all event expenses. 

In the unlikely event that these FAQs haven't answered all your questions, please ring us at 01452 668592.