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Mon 20 Nov 2023

Gloucester City Council Leader joins in musical fun at GAM!

Richard Cook, Leader of Gloucester City Council and Cabinet Member for Environment took part in playing and singing groups at our Barbican House base in Gloucester on Saturday.

Following confirmation at a Council Cabinet meeting two weeks ago that GAM can buy the freehold to Barbican House, we invited the council leader along to learn more about the musical education we provide.

Richard, who says he had piano lessons as a child, had an introduction to the violin in our Starter Strings Group – although he’ll need a larger one if he wants to take his playing further!

The two cello players in the group enjoyed explaining to him the differences between their instrument and the violin.

Richard met Caroline Lumsden, who founded GAM over 40 years ago, as well as our Chair Viv Hargreaves and Principal Glyn Oxley, who showed him the beautiful gamelan instruments.

He joined in a Singing and Rhythm session and learned how to show the pitch of each note sung, using Solfa hand-signs.

Richard met some of the children and adults having individual lessons, and talked to members of our Intermediate Strings group after watching their rehearsal.

You can find out more here about our groups in Gloucester on Saturday mornings and at Dean Close Prep School in Cheltenham on Saturday afternoons.