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Mon 13 Nov 2023

GAM Violin Tutor Rebekah Allan and Chair Viv Hargreaves on BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Rebekah Allan, one of GAM’s violin tutors, talked to Nicky Price on her BBC Radio Gloucestershire show last week about playing on the soundtrack to BBC One restaurant drama series Boiling Point. Rebekah took along her violin to demonstrate how she and the other members of the string quartet involved used techniques such as glissando (sliding from one pitch to another) to build tension and create a sense of foreboding.

GAM Chair Viv Hargreaves, who is also one of Rebekah’s pupils, told Nicky: “To have my own teacher performing on the soundtrack makes me so proud that we’ve got teachers of such a high calibre at GAM.”

Viv also made an exciting announcement; following a meeting last week, Gloucester City Council has agreed that GAM can buy the freehold to our Gloucester hub, Barbican House!

Viv said that GCC has been very supportive of our wish to ensure a secure home not only for GAM but also the other organisations based in the building; Gamelan, Gloucester Dementia Choir, Flowers Band and Gloucestershire Boys’ Choir

Viv said: “We hope the sale will be completed in the spring or early summer and then we’ll be celebrating!”

You can listen to the episode of Nicky Price’s BBC Radio Gloucestershire show here. Rebekah and Viv appear about 12 minutes in.